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6 tips to follow for a perfect kitchen renovation

The kitchen: the hub of a household’s activities

The kitchen is the focal point of a house. You can store your victuals, dishes, Sunday cutlery, grandmother’s tablecloths… We eat there three times a day. We cook there, of course. If you are comfortable, you can also have an aperitif, sit down to work, have the children do homework, and talk on the phone… In short, the kitchen is the hub of a household’s activities.

Consequently, kitchen renovation is more than just a refreshing look. It is the whole way of life that must be taken into consideration. Armoires Senécal & Fils offers six kitchen renovation tips as a starting point for reflection before embarking on major projects.

Kitchen renovation: conviviality at the service of the practical practitioner

For your kitchen renovation to be successful, you need to rethink the space as a whole. What will the activities, the occupants and the comings and goings be? Answering these questions will help determine strategies so that you may move freely and pleasantly in this room.

1. Securing space for everyday life
How many people will use the kitchen? Do you often have a large group of happy friends over? Do you have a designated dining room or do you eat directly in the kitchen? Are you an apostle of advance preparation? Do you favour a day-to-day basis European-style shopping? The answers to these questions will help determine whether, for example, a kitchen island installation is appropriate, whether you should focus on pantry space, whether you should have your appliances built in, etc.

2. Dividing the kitchen into sections
What’s more annoying than pounding each other’s feet when you’re cooking, storing groceries or cleaning up? To alleviate this irritant, consider dividing the kitchen into different sections: a kitchen area with easily accessible appliances, a comfortable and spacious work surface; a dining area with unobtrusive benches; a breakfast area, etc.

3. Maximize storage space
For a pleasant look and a feeling of visual freedom, visible objects must be those you have chosen, not those for which you lack space. Often, the problem comes from the fact that the question of storage is left behind in kitchen renovation. From drawer dividers to shelves, cupboards and other rail-mounted supports, everything can be arranged so that linen, kitchen tools, crockery, household products and foodstuffs have a designated place that is easy to access.

4. Choosing the right materials
The choice of materials is crucial in kitchen renovation. What is fashionable may not suit your lifestyle or your budget. Solid wood is very chic, polyester is easy to care for; melamine is economical. Whatever your choice, Armoires Senécal & Fils guarantees impeccable, made-to-measure manufacturing with top quality materials.

5. Do your part without getting ahead of yourself
Before, just a space for waste was enough. Now you also need to consider recycling and composting operations. All this can become invasive and unsightly. Consult our experts: you can do your part for the planet while enjoying the elegance and comfort you deserve.

6. Budget
When we think of kitchen renovation, our first reflex is to choose the decoration, paint and cabinets, but be careful not to forget the budget. Indeed, if it is easy to get drunk by the sumptuous decor of kitchen magazines, it sometimes happens that the budget you are ready to invest forces you to rethink your renovation work. It goes without saying that materials, devices and accessories represent a considerable cost.

But despite everything, solutions do exist. You have a certain style in mind? Then adapt it to your budget! Instead of choosing solid wood cabinets, why not opt for polyester? At Armoires Senécal et Fils, our experts will take the time to present the many options available to you so that you can have the kitchen of your dreams.