Polyester cabinets

Endless possibilities of colors and styles

The advantages of polyester cabinets

Polyester cabinets stand out for their excellent quality/price ratio, offering exceptional durability and notable resistance to wear, abrasion and heat. Their careful design guarantees increased strength, thanks to a door made up of five pieces where the molding film is carefully integrated, thus preventing deterioration of the exterior layer.

Polyester cabinets are resistant to ultraviolet rays and fading, making them an ideal choice for spaces exposed to light. They are easy to maintain, simply requiring cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap, followed by wiping with a dry cloth to maintain their shine.

Shaker Polyester Cabinet Doors with Velour Touch Finish: Featured Picks

Shaker-style polyester cabinet doors, with their clean, elegant lines, add a touch of traditional charm to any modern kitchen. Polyester Shaker doors have therefore contributed to the growing popularity of this material in kitchen design.

More recently, the appearance of Velour Touch and Sublime finishes has also created a craze for polyester cabinets. Indeed, this ultra matte and silky finish recalls the effect of a painted door, while retaining the resistance and ease of maintenance of polyester. Better yet, it doesn’t show any fingerprints. Available in a solid color palette, this finish is definitely perfect for any kitchen cabinet or busy space!

Polyester kitchen cabinets:
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