Made to measure kitchen: where to start?

You have always wanted to buy a made to measure kitchen, but never did? Maybe the mountain was a little too high. It’s normal, renovation requires a lot of planning and it’s not easy to start. Here, we give you some pointers on where to start and help you with the kitchen of your dreams.

Should you start from scratch?

The first thing to know is, are you comfortable in your kitchen? You can ask yourself that:

  • Do you have enough space to eat and is it convenient?
  • Do you have enough space to cook?
  • Are your appliances in the right spot?
  • Do you have enough space in your cupboards and are they accessible?

If your answer is yes to each question, then maybe the kitchen of your dreams just needs to be refurbished. If not, you need to start from scratch.

Whatever you choose, you need to set some guidelines. It’s important to know what to do before shopping for materials and renovation experts, otherwise you will waste your time and lose your head in it. Before you start anything, take the time to do the following exercises:

  • Measure the surface area of your kitchen when it’s empty;
  • Imagine what you want your new kitchen to look like;
  • Make a list of what you have to store in it (you could also do a little spring cleaning!)
  • Last but not least, how much are you willing to spend for it?

Choose your battle

Some DIY enthusiasts would tend to do everything by themselves. And the pride we feel when achieving our own project is priceless. For sure. However, renovating can have some surprises in store for you and complicate things a bit.

Plumbing, electricity, the aging house, the never-ending return trips to the store, the complicated calculations, the mess for days, or even weeks… without mentioning that the kitchen is unusable during this work that usually takes longer than expected. It makes it quite hard to eat then, right?

You don’t want your enthusiasm to become a nightmare, so let’s choose your battle. That’s why you should enjoy renovation professionals’ expertise and efficiency.

Regarding design, production and installation of cupboards, counters, kitchen islands and more, Armoires Sénécal & Fils lives up to its reputation. For over 25 years, our made-to-measure kitchen designing company has offered you solutions adapted to your needs.

Our experts take the time to talk with you in order to better understand your way of life and budget, so they can offer you the appropriate material. You will find the perfect solution among a wide selection of solid wood, laminated decorative flooring, polymer, polyester, melamine, and varnished MDF. Each of these components can be personalized to your liking and to create the ambiance you are looking for.

Once the measures are taken, the renovation plan is set and the work site ready, our team of professionals can create the kitchen of your dreams in no time.