Melamine cabinets

Melamine: an economical choice, without compromising style

Melamine kitchen cabinets

Melamine cabinets are popular for their versatility and durability. Made from particleboard covered with a thin layer of melamine, these cabinets offer a wide variety of finishes, which can be plain or imitate wood or other high-end textures. 

They are also available in a wide range of colors and styles, providing diverse design options to match different tastes and interior design aesthetics. Additionally, melamine cabinets offer very good value for money.

The versatility of melamine

The versatility of melamine also lies in its ability to combine with various materials. Often used for cabinet interiors due to its economical price and ease of maintenance, melamine can also be combined with other materials for doors, allowing for additional customization. 

It’s possible to play with contrasts, combining melamine with materials such as wooden cabinets or polyester cabinets to create varied styles. Additionally, evolving manufacturing techniques have allowed the emergence of new design options, such as melamine shaker-style doors. Melamine doors are used in modern style kitchens as well as in classic or Scandinavian style kitchens.

Melamine kitchen cabinets:
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