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Custom, quality furniture manufacturing

Armoires Senécal & Fils stands out from the rest because we cover your entire process and project: from manufacturing to complete, perfectly adapted in-home installation.

Boasting truly satisfied customers for over 20 years, at Armoires Sénécal & Fils, we deliver quality products such as kitchen cabinets and islands as well as bathroom vanities, thanks to the creativity of our expert team and the top-notch service we’re committed to providing. Excellence is our motto and we’re happy to be considered among the very best in our industry, whether you need to spruce up your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home.

Kitchen cabinets and islands made to your taste

For all custom kitchen cabinet or bathroom projects you can choose from a wide variety of materials ranging from wood to marble, polyester, lamination and more as well as a selection of accessories.

Perhaps you’d love a beautiful, functional kitchen—modern or rustic—with a stunning kitchen countertop and an envious amount of storage space allowing you to comfortably host friends and family. Would a stylish new bathroom be more adapted to your image? More appealing and inviting? The Armoires Senécal & Fils team can be bring all your projects to life. And this is not limited to kitchens or baths. Perhaps a practical new wine cellar would enhance your home or maybe you’d like to design a unique, one-of-a-kind counter. We thrive on building your dreams.

Professional and reliable furniture manufacturer focused on quality.

Armoires Senécal & Fils owns the workshop where all furniture (eg : bathroom vanities or wood countertop) and kitchen cabinets are made. One of the distinct advantages of having this independance and not relying on third-party suppliers is that we can control production time and stick to our delivery dates. This also has a direct impact on the rates we’re able to provide and helps you save money.

For detailed information on our furniture manufacturing and on specific products such as wooden kitchen cabinets, custom cupboards or for any other request, contact our team today.




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Special projects

Special projects - Armoires Senecal

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