Polymer or thermoplastic cabinets

Whether you call it polymer or thermoplastic, it’s a preferred material!

The advantages of polymer cabinets

Polymer cabinets, also known as thermoplastic, are made from a durable and versatile synthetic material. This composite material consists of wood particles or cellulose fibers mixed with plastic. This combination gives polymer cabinets remarkable robustness, making them resistant to scratches and moisture.

One of the main advantages of polymer cabinets is their easy maintenance. Their smooth, non-porous surface makes them stain resistant, making daily cleaning much simpler. Additionally, their ability to resist moisture makes them an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms, where temperature fluctuations and exposure to water are common.

In addition to their durability, polymer cabinets offer a variety of uniform or realistic natural wood imitation finishes and colors. Thanks to the nature of thermoplastic, these cabinets can also be molded into different shapes, providing creative and bespoke design options to meet the specific needs of spaces.

Thermoplastic kitchen cabinets

Thermoplastic is a material that offers exceptional versatility for kitchen cabinets. Armoires Senécal & Fils, with many years of experience, has perfect mastery of the use and handling of this material to design custom cabinets meeting the needs and requirements. specific customer requirements.

Due to the qualities of the material, thermoplastic kitchen cabinets are a very popular choice among our customers, and with which our team of designers enjoy creating unique designs. Thermoplastic can be used in all styles of kitchen, from farmhouse kitchen to contemporary kitchen!

Polymer cabinets:
An overview of our achievements


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