Custom cabinet prices

What determines the price of kitchen cabinets?

Understand the difference between a custom cabinet and a pre-assembled model

Custom cabinets: express your personality!

If you like to personalize your objects and your decor, you will be delighted with custom cabinets. In custom cabinet design, each element is adjusted based on your preferences and the configuration of your space.

It is a process that relies on close collaboration between you, the kitchen designer and the cabinet manufacturer. Your participation is requested at each stage of the project! Your feedback that guides product creation, giving you the opportunity to express your style and personality. 

A wide choice of materials and finishes

By opting for custom-made cabinets, you also have the possibility of choosing from a wide choice of materials, finishes and accessories to create a kitchen that suits perfectly your style.


Ready-to-assemble cabinets: practical and affordable

As for pre-made models, they are mass-produced using established standards and standardized dimensions (usually in 3-inch increments). Their delivery is generally quite quick, suitable for those looking for a functional option for their kitchen cabinets, but will generally require the use of fillers since the cabinets are not created specifically for the measurements of your kitchen. In addition, installation can be a headache for anyone who is not used to this type of project.

Your choices may also be limited in terms of styles, materials, dimensions and accessories. It is therefore not the best option if your wish is to create a very personalized decor.

odule d’armoire prête à assembler

Price of a custom kitchen cabinet versus pre-assembled

Cost of ready-to-assemble cabinets

In general, kitchen cabinets or pre-assembled vanities are more affordable because they are mass-produced and ready to go installed. The price of a pre-assembled kitchen cabinet can still vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the materials, the choice of finishes, the dimensions and the features offered. However, the minute you want to slightly customize the cabinets offered, the price can quickly skyrocket.

Whatever your choice, your decision should be made by evaluating your priorities in terms of budget, style and functionality. Don’t hesitate to compare, you might be surprised to see how a custom cabinet manufacturer can compete with the large store chains depending on what you’re looking for!

Custom cabinet: a price according to your budget!

Did you know that it is possible to benefit from custom cabinets at a price often comparable to cabinets found in big box stores? 

Although the price of a custom cabinet may seem higher at first glance, you should know that its cost can vary depending on different elements. In other words, if a custom cabinet is designed to adapt to your tastes, it is also possible to adapt it to your budget! How? Among other things, by choosing affordable materials and accessories. 

And for optimal results, your kitchen designer is your best ally! Thanks to their expertise, you will know how to make choices that respect both your desires and your financial constraints. 

He or she will guide you towards the choice of cabinets that best suit your needs, while preserving the desired quality. The price of your custom cabinets could therefore turn out to be more affordable than expected!

Are you dreaming of a unique look for your kitchen?

Our experts know how to create the perfect blend of function, style and respect for your contracts. Every detail is carefully refined to bring your vision to life. Treat yourself to a kitchen shaped according to your desires! 

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