Wooden cabinets

Solid wood, MDF or wood veneer, the possibilities are endless!

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets: Timeless Elegance

Wood kitchen cabinets offer a timeless look and exceptional durability. Solid wood, made from a single piece of wood, guarantees unrivaled strength, while wood veneer, a thin layer of natural wood applied to a substrate, combines aesthetics and economy. These cabinets bring natural warmth and a welcoming ambiance to your kitchen. 

Wood allows for a wide variety of finishes and shades, adapting to various styles, from classic kitchens to contemporary designs. Their resistance to time and their ability to be restored make them a lasting investment. We are also seeing more and more Scandinavian style kitchens, where white kitchen cabinets combines with wooden elements, for a very successful look.

MDF kitchen cabinets

MDF kitchen cabinets (Medium Density Fiberboard) offer a more economical alternative to solid wood, with an equally enviable character. MDF, made of compressed wood fibers, has a smooth, uniform surface, ideal for lacquered or painted finishes. MDF cabinets offer a sleek, modern aesthetic, perfect for a variety of styles, from contemporary to classic. 

The composition of MDF makes it resistant to humidity and deformation. MDF cabinets embody a modern and aesthetic choice for the kitchen.

Wood and MDF kitchen cabinets: :
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