White kitchen cabinets

Contemporary style white cabinets made for clients in Terrebonne

This contemporary kitchen is breathtaking. White polymer cabinet doors, Torino model, are arranged with imitation wood accents created with L02 melamine from the Stevens collection. The choice of opting for white cabinets and a counter in the same shade creates a bright atmosphere accentuated by a large central island. The ¾” thick quartz countertop enhances the modern look of the space. The black handles and faucets create a most interesting contrast!

Cabinet materials


White Polymer
Torino model

mélamine L02 Sabbia de Stevens

L02 Sabbia by Stevens

Countertop materials

comptoir de quartz blanc

White Quartz
with light marbling

White kitchen cabinets: The project in photos

Want a white and bright kitchen?

Whether you like the contemporary white cabinets shown above or prefer a classic white kitchen, we can help you make your vision.


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