Kitchen Islands: Trending Ideas

Love cooking but find the lack of space slows down your culinary projects? If you’ve been dreaming of a larger kitchen with more work surfaces, more storage and more room for your guests, a kitchen island is an indispensable asset to better re-organize your space.

With a wide range of choices in kitchen island styles available these days, creating the perfectly customized island to meet your tastes and needs is easy. Armoire Senécal et Fils is offering a few trending ideas to guide you in choosing your dream kitchen island.

Trending colours

Gray, black and white are the most valued colours chosen by interior design professionals. These neutral colours constitute the ideal choice for the modern kitchen lover. Adding one or two contrasting colours is a good trick to counter the monotony and highlight your kitchen island.

A big or a small kitchen island?

Whatever the size of your kitchen, it is possible to create a kitchen island ideally suited to the shape and the size of your room. The main benefit of a kitchen island is to make storage and work organization easier; it is therefore especially ideal for smaller kitchens that could really use these advantages! Trends in decoration, when it comes to kitchen islands, therefore give rise to creations that live up to their environment.

Enjoying a lunch counter

Another trending idea is the creation of a lunch counter with stools. In a small kitchen or in narrow apartments, this addition is a brilliant way to maximize space by playing the role of a dining room. It is also a friendly place for cooking while chatting with family, or for simply eating breakfast on busy mornings!

A thousand and one storage ideas

To centralize your storage, you could create open shelves in the front. This is an ingenious solution that creates a perfect bookcase for your recipe books. Wine lovers will be satisfied with the option to create a space to store wine bottles. Likewise, you could incorporate a mini-fridge to store beverages, thereby creating the perfect space for cocktail making.

Choosing the right material

Different material choices are available when creating a customized kitchen island. Depending on your tastes and kitchen style, you could choose natural finishes like stone, marble or granite. Regarding the facade, natural materials like wood are trending and available in numerous shades. If you prefer a country-style decor, you might opt for side panelling for a warm and convivial touch.