Small Kitchen Design: Do More With Less

Regardless of what their kitchen footprint size is, homeowners are always looking for more space in this area. Oftentimes, it’s a lot about wanting to have more storage space. However, considering that kitchens have now become more of a multi-utility area, finding sufficient space to accommodate conventional and modern purposes can be quite a challenge.

Modern day kitchens encompass living areas, breakfast rooms, and dining areas. Thus, expanding kitchen spaces is something that’s definitely happening. Unfortunately, home kitchens aren’t always given too much extra square footage that can easily accommodate these additional demands.

It means space saving is more often than not, the top priority while designing kitchens. If you have a compact kitchen, you’d be more interested in knowing how to make the most of it, without compromising on comfort and aesthetics too.

Here We Take A Look At Some Small Kitchen Design Ideas

We at Armoires Senécal et Fils provide custom kitchen design and cabinet design and build services. We know from experience that even more comfortably-sized kitchens can benefit from these space-saving design principles. When we handle any kitchen design and installation project for our clients, the focus is always on improving the workability, efficiency and movement flow within the room.

Aspects To Consider In Small Kitchen Design

Our expert designers address usability and space constraints in a number of ways such as:

The Layout Matters – This is the starting point of great design, even before you start to choose any materials. Our team thinks about the basic work triangle as well as where all the things will be stored.

No Islands – While kitchen islands are a common feature in many kitchens. Many homeowners like the idea of having this installation, but they aren’t suitable for small kitchen design. This is because you need to account for comfortable walking space all around the island. In more compact kitchens, a peninsula or U-shaped layout may give you considerably more storage and counter space than an intrusive island.

Multi-Tasking Features –  This is a very important aspect of compact kitchen design. Creating installations and features that can be used for more than one purpose is one of the best ways to save space. For example, if you have seating in the kitchen, we can keep it at counter height rather than bar height. This will allow you to use the area as a breakfast/casual dining surface as well as a workspace.

Pull-out Tables – Depending on the available space and your specific preferences, we can plan and incorporate pull-out tables for extra seating. This type of surface will give you the functionality you need without compromising on the existing floor space in the kitchen. It is unique and innovative small kitchen design ideas such as these, which help ensure you are able to use the available space optimally.

Opt For Single Footprint Appliances – This is another way to make sure your kitchen has everything it needs, yet is comfortable and uncluttered. We recommend that clients opt for appliances that use a single footprint like a range. Look for one that includes gas stoves, a microwave, has a convection function as well as a hood. This will save you a lot of countertop space that you can put to better use in your small kitchen.

Smart Storage Is The Way To Go

In addition, look for smart storage units and storage products. Today, many well-known brands manufacture these and our compact kitchen design specialists can help you choose these for your kitchen.

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