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Stunning kitchen transformations: before and after

There are numerous factors that might prompt you to renovate your kitchen: a growing family, insufficient storage space, the urge to embrace the latest trends, or the desire to enjoy the benefits of a more luminous, inspiring place in which to prepare your culinary creations. All of these motivations are worthwhile, as they all aim to improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

The key is daring to take that first step! Sure, renovations are rarely a piece of cake. But you might just be surprised at the results you can achieve with a little help! In that regard, an experienced kitchen designer can offer you valuable assistance in redefining your space. Breathing new life into your kitchen may be more feasible than you think!

Kitchen transformations with impressive results

Here are two examples of renovated kitchens, including photos taken before and after the major transformation.

Making the most of the space

In this first example, a large space wasn’t being used to its full potential. A dining room and adjoining living room were transformed into a unique open kitchen area. A long center kitchen island was installed to supplement the mealtime seating provided by a small table at one end of the room. The island is also equipped with built-in drawers offering some much-needed storage space. Further storage space was provided with the addition of new cabinets, making the kitchen even more functional.

kitchen renovation in Terrebonne - before kitchen renovation in Terrebonne - after

The result? A kitchen with plenty of room for storage, an enlarged workspace and an ideal place to enjoy meals with friends and family!

Reimaging and enlarging

In this second example, both the appearance and the workspace were transformed. The rustic, country style kitchen was updated and now features a sleek, contemporary look. The center island was extended to offer more space for enjoying meals.

kitchen transformation in Terrebonne - before kitchen transformation in Terrebonne - after

This transformation illustrates how to kill two birds with one stone: modernizing the style, while also making considerable improvements from a practical point of view. A more functional kitchen with a brand-new look. The best of both worlds!

What are the advantages of a kitchen renovation?

While a kitchen renovation may entail a significant amount of money, there are also a significant number of great reasons to do it. In fact, rather than looking at a project like this as a simple expense, it’s better to look at it as a wise investment. The benefits of a kitchen renovation include:

  • Increasing the value of your property
  • Optimizing your space
  • Making your kitchen more functional
  • Having a warm, welcoming place to entertain guests
  • Saying goodbye to your outdated décor

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Whether you’re interested in new counters, installing a center island or radically transforming the whole room, the professionals at Armoires Senécal et Fils have all the necessary skill and expertise to respond to your needs. You can count on them to create the living space of your dreams!