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Kitchen cabinet trends for 2020

Has the time come to remodel your kitchen? A time of excitement for some and a time of anxiety for others, a kitchen transformation requires meticulous planning if you want the results to live up to your expectations.

Among all the various activities that must be orchestrated, the choice of new kitchen cabinets is one that should never be neglected. In fact, there are a number of factors to take into consideration in order to make a judicious choice, including style, color, price and ease of maintenance.

The most important thing is to understand your true needs. Taking the time to observe your lifestyle will help you choose cabinets that will not only be pleasing to the eye but also make your day-to-day life easier.

When it comes to kitchen trends for 2020, here are a few select ideas to help you get started!

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2020 kitchen trends: integrating large islands

Is your kitchen short on storage space? If your cabinets aren’t cutting it, it might be a great idea to install a large island with storage compartments. With so many options available on the market, an island is an excellent way to add style to your kitchen, while making it more practical at the same time.

As warm and welcoming as you could hope for, a large island is ideal when you need extra room for loved ones during gatherings, when you’re helping your children with their homework or when you’re cooking with your family.

Combining materials to create a perfect match for your décor

Whether you’re a creative type or you’d simply like to add a distinctive touch to your kitchen, a mixture of materials of different colors and textures will go far in enhancing its style.

Here are some possible combinations to inspire you:

  • Stone (quartz, granite, marble, etc.) and wood for your work surfaces: they complement each other beautifully, the color and warmth of the wood perfectly balancing the chic, colder aspect of the stone.
  • White brick, black and warm colors: white tile or brick combined with dark-colored cabinets contrast perfectly with colorful accessories.

Focusing on drawers

Meuble sur mesure pour cuisineAnother currently popular idea for kitchen cabinets is replacing them with drawers designed to go underneath the counter. The advantage? Drawers offer a wide variety of storage options. From spice compartments to corner storage systems, everything is designed to make the kitchen more functional without skimping on style.

Opting for white: a timeless classic

Among the fashionable colors for 2020, you’ll never go wrong with white. Inspiring calm, purity and simplicity, white will illuminate your kitchen at all times. It lends itself to any style—whether chic, contemporary, country, vintage or minimalist—making it an appealing choice for your new kitchen cabinets.

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Are you renovating? Entrust the job to professionals!

Do you need a little help breathing new life into your kitchen? Then don’t hesitate to call on kitchen experts to assist you in bringing your project to fruition. Armoires Senécal puts an experienced team at your disposal to ensure that your kitchen transformation is a success. Contact us to learn more!